Outages Can Be Extremely Costly For Business

Ponemon Institute discovered after research that the average cost of IT downtime as a result of an outage is approx $9000 a minute!

Business routinely experiences unplanned network outages, which impacts severely on business outcomes. IT professionals state that they can only afford to lose access to the apps for a couple of minutes at a time. The problem is that most outages last at least 30 minutes.

disaster recovery

Expensive Outages. Could they have been avoided?
The answer is yes, if the companies in question had a cloud disaster recovery plan.
A cloud disaster recovery plan is absolutely crucial to companies if they want to ensure limited data and monetary losses. There are four benefits to a business who have set up a cloud-based plan.
•    Fast

This is the biggest difference between cloud disaster recovery plan and the traditional type of disaster recovery. With cloud-based, your site can recover almost straight away, reducing your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) to a matter of hours. The entire server including operating systems applications and patches are tied together in a single software bundle. This can then be copied and backed up to an off site data server. If need be it will be a matter of minutes before this information is available on a server. For business that can’t afford to wait this is the ideal recovery system.

•    Cost Effective

Cloud storage is very cost effective as you only pay for the amount of storage you need. As it is, it can be expensive to implement a data recovery plan, so any assistance in keeping cots down should be welcomed.

•    Flexibility

If you put your disaster recovery site in the cloud it will allow flexibility, increasing or decreasing your storage needs as suits your business.

As can be seen, a DR plan is highly recommended for any business. It will minimize downtime in the event of an outage and make sure that any costs resulting from such outage are reduced significantly.